CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide, 4th Edition Exam CWNA-106 စာအုပ္ေကာင္းေလးပါ။

ဒီစာအုပ္ေလးကေတာ့ Cisco Wireless Network Administrator  (CWNA) Exam
ေျဖခ်င္ေသာမိတ္ေဆြမ်ားအတြက္ စာအုပ္အသစ္ကေလးရလိုတင္ေပးလိုက္ပါတယ္။
စာအုပ္မွာပါတ့ဲ Chapter Title ေလးေတြပါ။

Chapter 1 Overview of Wireless Standards, Organizations,
and Fundamentals
Chapter 2 Radio Frequency Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Radio Frequency Components,
Measurements, and Mathematics
Chapter 4 Radio Frequency Signal and Antenna Concepts
Chapter 5 IEEE 802.11 Standards
Chapter 6 Wireless Networks and
Spread Spectrum Technologies
Chapter 7 Wireless LAN Topologies
Chapter 8 802.11 Medium Access
Chapter 9 802.11 MAC Architecture
Chapter 10 WLAN Architecture
Chapter 11 WLAN Deployment and Vertical Markets
Chapter 12 WLAN Troubleshooting and Design
Chapter 13 802.11 Network Security Architecture
Chapter 14 Wireless Attacks, Intrusion
Monitoring, and Policy
Chapter 15 Radio Frequency Site Survey Fundamentals
Chapter 16 Site Survey Systems and Devices 561
Chapter 17 Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Chapter 18 802.11n
Chapter 19 Very High Throughput (VHT) and 802.11ac
Chapter 20 Bring Your Own Device

ေနာက္ျပီး Exam Question ေတြ ပါ ေလ့လာလိုတ့ဲ စာအုပ္ေလးပါ။ Cisco နဲပတ္သက္ျပီး Self Study လုပ္ခ်င္ေသာ မိတ္ေဆြမ်ားအတြက္စာအုပ္ေကာင္းေလး ဖတ္ျပီး နည္းပညာတိုးတက္ပါေစဗ်ာ။

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